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What is a Solar Generator & How Does it Work?

by WEI WANG 05 Apr 2022

What is a Solar Generator & How Does it Work?


Are you planning to go camping or searching for a power backup for convenience during a power outage? A solar generator is your best option. Unlike standard gas-powered units, solar generators are remarkably quiet and don’t pollute the environment. But what exactly is a solar generator? 

Ideally, most people think of a generator as a loud machine powered by either natural gas or gasoline. While many generators in the market are like this, there are also solar-powered units. Solar generators generally define generators driven by solar energy.

However, what most individuals mean by the term ‘solar generator’ is a compact, easily movable unit that comprises solar panels, an inverter, solar charge controller, and batteries. These units generate power through solar panels (purchased separately), convert it into electrical energy, and store it in batteries later. So, what is the best solar generator? 

Before investing in a solar generator, you should consider several critical factors, including estimating the total power necessary to run tools, appliances, and tech during camping or a power outage.

After determining the total watts needed, you should also consider the dimensions, weight, and outlets. This is to ensure you get the right solar generator for you. If you want to get the best solar generator for you, the Alrska Solar Generator 300 is among the best options. Here is what you should know.


How Do Solar Generators Work?


A solar generator functions by converting energy generated by the sun into usable energy that you can store and use when necessary. 

After the light particles or photons hit a solar panel, they subsequently knock the electrons loose from atoms. Essentially, electrons are converted into DC electricity, and this charge passes you through a charger controller. This component regulates the electric voltage into the batteries to safeguard them from damage. 

This voltage is then stored in the batteries storing the electricity in chemical energy form until it's connected to a device/appliance. The electric charge is subsequently passed through an inverter designed to convert DC electricity into AC electricity. Also, the converter should step up this voltage rating from standard 48, 24, or 12 volts to the suitable voltage to power your appliances, often a rating of 250 or 110 volts. Afterwards, the electric current travels through the generator’s extension cord to run your electrical appliances. 

Solar-powered generators are relatively different from the customary fuel-powered units. While internal combustions engines such as those used in fuel generators burn fuel to push a piston and produce mechanical energy, these solar-powered units convert sunlight into mechanical energy. Solar units are cleaner and quieter but relatively less potent than fuel generators. 


Alrska Solar Generator 300 (Solar Charging 100W Panel + Element 300W Power Station): Ideal Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping Adventure! 


This is the perfect power station for power outages and short camping trips because of its overall functionality and compact size. The Alrska Element 300 comes with a decent 293Wh power capacity meaning it can effectively power small home appliances and even charge up to 6 smart devices simultaneously. 

It boasts an enviable 25% conversion efficiency, rendering it ideal for unexpected power outages and outdoor life. The Element 300 unit weights a substantial 8.8 lbs., hence lightweight and fittingly portable. What’s more, this unit is foldable and comes with a unique easy-carry handle for utmost mobility convenience. 




Fast charge (2.5 hours for full charge)


As earlier mentioned, this unit boasts a high charging efficiency as it can reach full charge in less than three hours (2.5 hours, to be precise). The unit can be charged with a 60w USB-C PD charger and 90w wall charger and can reach 80% charge in just 2 hours! What's more, cars, generators, and solar panels can also charge the unit, making it a convenient and valuable unit for multiple basic applications.


Superior MPPT Technology


This fantastic appliance utilizes a high-quality inbuilt MPPT (solar) charge controller and MPPT technology for optimal efficiency. It operates using an off-grid power generation system that is a clean energy source different from standard generators. What's more, it utilizes a modern GreenSun solar panel usually solar charged within 5.5 hours. 


Efficient Multiple-output Functions


The Element 300 generator boasts simplified multiple output utilities, including a QC3.0 USB-A, USB port2*AC output (300W with a 500W peak), 12V car charging, and a 60W PD USB-C. This unit allows you to charge all your devices simultaneously with these multiple ports and functions.


Reliable, Safe, and Convenient Power Supply


Another feature that distinguishes the Element (Alrska) 300 unit is its lithium-ion technology for clean, environmentally friendly energy. Ideally, this unit features a modernized sine wave inverter and an inbuilt battery management system (BMS) that safeguards your delicate appliances and boosts the unit’s lifespan. 


Alrska (100W) GreenSun Solar Panel


The GreenSun 100W Alrska unit is a remarkable monocrystalline panel that ensures you stay charged provided the sun is up! Designed using modern monocrystalline silicon cells, this 100W unit can recharge the portable power station and multiple electric gadgets and ensure the appliances run without interruption when linked to the above power station. 

Like with the portable station, these solar panels come with a set of useful benefits, including: 

  • Durable & waterproof: this unit is designed from robust waterproof material to endure harsh weather settings, making it suitable for outdoor events.  
  • Foldable & portable kickstand panel: made up of a flexible bracket stand and rubber handle, meaning this panel to adjust the angle (0-180 degrees)


What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Generators? 


To better understand, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using a solar generator:


  • Clean, free energy derived from sun rays
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable
  • Significantly low maintenance costs


  • Relatively slow recharge
  • Limited power supply (dependent on wattage capacity)


Find a Suitable Solar-powered Unit for Your Needs


If you want a reliable and convenient solar generator, then the Alrska 300 is an ideal option for you. This portable solar power station allows a wide array of applications and offers high charging efficiency and movement. This is a suitable power station for unexpected power outages and outdoor camping events to adequately satisfy your unique and daily power needs adequately. Nonetheless, regardless of the brand you pick, it is essential to ensure that your unit fits your unique power needs. 

Before buying a generator, consider your specific application and the total power you need to generate. After all, you wouldn't want a scenario where you get a solar-powered generator only to realize that it's not powerful enough to suit your needs. 

Good luck! 

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