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4 Best Solar Panels for RV: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022

by WEI WANG 16 May 2022



There is nothing better than getting out into the countryside to get away from it all. Yet none of it brings you back to realism like a roaring gas generator at night. 

You might want to contemplate buying RV solar panels for a peaceful RV camping trip. Apart from minimizing noise, they are eco-friendly. 

Picking the best RV solar panels, on the other hand, might be a conundrum. This post highlights the top selections for the finest RV solar panels from Alrska. 


Alrska 170W Watt Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High-Efficiency PV Module


The 100W monocrystalline 12V solar panel from Alrska is a new design fitted with higher-performing cells for increased efficiency and light conversion rate. Besides, it's designed to be fairy weighted, about 10.38 kgs. On the other hand, its dimensions are 48.98 ×26.57 ×1.38 inches. While it’s braced up for high winds of about 2400PA, it also tolerates snow loads of 5400PA. 

Further, this monocrystalline solar is rated at 160W for maximum power. Its voltage at Pmax is 16.77V, while the current at Pmax is 9.30A. 




  • It features diodes that prevent the solar cells from frying.
  • The 100W Monocrystalline Panel comprises vital, pure silicon cells and multi-layered sheet slabs to improve device performance and durability.
  • Besides being dustproof, it's corrosion-resistant and perfect for outdoor use, ensuring the panel's longevity.
  • It contains diodes in the Junction box and a pair of 3ftMC4 cables.
  • It's drilled with holes at its back to allow quick installation and fastening. This renders it perfect for off-grid applications such as RVs and cottages. Again, it's compatible with Z Brackets and Tilt Mounts. 


Alrska 180 Watts (12 Volts) Monocrystalline Solar Cell Charger


The 180 Watts Monocrystalline solar is braced up for different activities. It's what you need for both grid and non-grid inverters. It's versatile such that it can be used interiorly or for outdoor activities. 

The 49 inches high and 29 inches wide panel is built for durability and can tolerate high winds, 2400 PA. It also tolerates snow stress of about 5400 PA. Even in areas with low light, you should expect them to live up to their price. 




  • It's dustproof with rust-resistant and dustproof aluminum, making it ideal for outdoor usage, assuring the panel's lifespan.
  • It comes with pre-installed diodes in the Junction box and a pair of 3ft MC4 wires.
  • It has holes drilled on its back, so you won’t have to use heavy tools for installation and fixing.
  • The IP65 Certified Water-resistant Junction Box is capable of isolating atmospheric debris as well as low moisture jets. Also, the box contains a set of 3ft cables and Diodes, which prevent the panel from overheating.

Alrska 12 Volt RV Solar Panel 120 Watt High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Module PV Charger


The 12-volt RV monocrystalline solar from Alrska is engineered for an efficient and high light conversion rate. That is seconded by the high-performing cells. In Addition, Alaska overlays it with sheet laminations to improve cell performance while extending its operational life. Again, the off-grid solar panel can handle High winds and snow loads.

  • It features an aluminum framework that is resistant to corrosion. 
  • It has pre-drilled holes for quick installation and fastening on trucks and RVs.
  • Each solar panel has a set of three-foot wires housed in a junction box.
  • The junction box contains diodes that prevent the device from burning out while ensuring the panel functions properly in low-light environments. 

Further, the panel and the junction are dust and waterproof. The device can therefore bar off water jects of lower pressure. Still, this feature complements the layered sheets in boosting the solar panel’s longevity. This 120W Monocrystalline is suited for 12V recharging and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, particularly in RVs. 


Alrska 12 Volt RV Solar Panel 100 Watt High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Module PV Charger


To conclude this list, Alska has the off-grid 12v 100wtt monocrystalline panel, which delivers 450 watt-hours each day but hinges on light availability. 

It is constructed of efficient monocrystalline material to your advantage, resulting in improved energy conversion and higher kWh of power. Additionally, they can withstand strong winds of about 2400 PA and snow of 5400 PA. 




  • It features aluminum to prevent corrosion. Further, this allows it to be continuously used outdoors for decades. It's layered with sheet glass to prevent impact. The IP65 junction box offers total protection from outdoor contaminants and water jets. 
  • The junction box's diodes prevent it from burning out and ensure it functions well in the weather. 
  • It is perfect for a wide range of uses. Add to that, the ready holes on its back enable quick installation. It gets flexible with Z-Brackets, and Tilt Mount that can be used on RVs.


Alaskan Warranties and Return Policies 


A 24-month warranty covers Alrska items. Within every instance, your warranty term begins at the time of acquisition and ends on the date of expiration. In determining the commencement validity of the warranty term, the transaction receipt or other appropriate documentation proof is necessary.

For products bought officially from, you get a 30-day money-back assurance. So should you make a wrong purchase, you will have to notify them within 30 days. They will reimburse the entire purchase amount after getting the goods and confirming their legitimacy.


Wrapping Up 


No doubt there is a lot to think about when purchasing RV solar panels. Considering restricted spaces and power generation, determining exactly everything you want from RV solar systems may be tricky. At the very least, they should be efficient and resistant to rough weather. It would help if you had a lightweight device, less prone to burning out and flexible in environments with limited sunlight. 

The above-listed RV solar is a great place to start when making the switch to solar power generation. You may consider backing them up with generators from Alrska. 

Further, there is no need to stop at RV solar panels. Try to power the entire house with Alrska’s domestic solar panels and save money on electricity while helping mother nature. 

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