Alrska Protable Power Stations

Alrska Element 300 is a portable power station with a wide range of usage scenarios, high charging efficiency, small size, complete functions and easy to carry. It is an ideal power station for short-distance camping and power outages, which can meet your daily and special power needs.

Alrska Element 300 is small and lightweight, take and use as you go. Small size and big energy, perfect for carrying on short trips. It also comes with an emergency light and a reading one, so you won't be afraid of the dark outdoors.

Alrska Element 300 updates multi-output function, including 1* AC output (300W (500W peak power)), 60W PD USB- c, USB port and 12V car charging. With the above multiple ports, you can charge all the devices you need to use at once.

The Alrska Element 300 features high quality MPPT technology with a built-in MPPT solar charge controller. It uses an off-grid solar power system, which is a clean energy source unlike ordinary generators.