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The Best Battery Powered Generator You Can Get in 2022

by WEI WANG 10 May 2022

The Best Battery Powered Generator You Can Get in 2022


While you may have got yourself a solar panel sometime before, there is a high chance you realized it could not function properly when you lack a proper way of power storage. A car battery would have been otherwise conceivable in this case. But considering its weight, you cannot move it around freely. Your chessboard still got moves. That's moving ahead with battery-powered portable generators.

Unlike other storage systems, portable generators are lightweight in design and still capable of storing much power for your lighting and charging needs. However, there are tons of companies out there. Not only will you have a difficult time choosing, but there is a chance of getting a bad product. That's why you need this Alrska guidepost. This guide will take you through the best battery-powered portable generator, and the criterion used to select each.


Alrska Element 300 Portable Power Stations


Alaska's Element 300 is a small-sized battery-powered generator perfect for camping and application in areas prone to a power blackout. The lightweight design is also portable with a silicone handle.

The Element 300 can be recharged fully within 150 hours. You may use a 90-watt wall or 60-watt USB-C PD charger. You may charge the device using solar panels or car batteries in off-grid zones. Alrska offers the 100W Green Sun panel conveniently, which takes about 5.5 hours to recharge the power station completely. While you enjoy charging it while powering your other gadgets simultaneously, you also savor the MPPT tracking feature.


It has lithium-ion integrated batteries. Besides, the batteries are systemized with a pure sine wave inverter for increased durability 

 Alrska portable power station

Charging features 


  • It has a wall outlet with a USB-C PD 
  • It’s fitted with a 2*AC output 
  • It contains a 12-volt car charging port substituting the QC3.0 USB 


How to Maintain Element 300


Element 300 require little maintenance, and they run properly as long they are not used to power devices exceeding 300 watts. Some of the maintenance tips include:


Avoid water.


Portable power stations are water sensitive. Should the generator come into contact with water, there’s a high chance that it will lose its functionality. After buying Element 300, you have to get a leather casing. It's the only way to brace them against extreme weather and be assured that they will last to see their estimated lifespan.


Use the Element 300 charger provided by Alrska.


Occasionally battery-powered generators' performance degrades when charged using different chargers from the originally provided one. In as much as it has a long-term effect, using different chargers will affect the efficiency of the battery-powered generator. To resolve this issue, make sure you got element 300 original chargers.


Don’t expose the generator to extreme temperatures.


Temperatures from 5 to 25 ℃ are ideal for batteries. The further you stray beyond your safety zone, the greater the irreversible capacity deficits which may occur. Also, try avoiding using blankets or garments to conceal the generator.


Charge it before the batteries get flat.


Never let your portable generator batteries get below 20% capacity. This increases the lifespan of the batteries as using it when it's almost flat strains and limits its charging capability.


The Criterion Used to Select the Above


While selecting the above generators from hundreds of other brands, this blog looked at the following:




To backup generators, you must be able to charge in more than one way. A solar panel will suffice if you want to go green. Still, you may use a car battery or electricity. While solar power may not be enough, you will have to add more panels.

That's expandability, as seen in the above-mentioned. Still, you may use electricity and solar power to charge the generator simultaneously.




The operating watt, or the rated watt, is the maximum power output from the battery-powered portable generator. In the above, Elem 300 has a wattage of 300. This is enough for lighting needs and powering and charging electronics that run on less than 300 watts.


Charging Alternatives


Aside from solar panels, the best portable battery generator should feature various charging options. The time required to charge using solar power fluctuates according to the weather or the quantity of sun intensity.

Relying on solar power won't be ideal. Your power station has to be able to be recharged by an AC source. Thus, it must contain 12V car charging ports, USB ports, and wall interfaces.


The Time It Takes to Recharge


The recharging time represents the duration it takes to charge a flat powered generator. Alrska generators will take about 6 hours to charge when fully hooked up on a solar panel. Again, charging time is not a cause for concern when using their generators.

You may hook it up to a car battery, which will take about 3 hours to fill up. When the weather is unfriendly, you may charge it using solar panel electricity or even the car battery simultaneously, thus reducing the charging time to 120 minutes.


Battery Cycles 


Regretfully, the majority of lithium-ion generators offer a 500-cycle lifespan. Although 500 seems a great amount, it ought to be 2,000.

Cycles entail draining the batteries from 100% down to 0%, then refilling them to 100 %. That's a serious worry for people who need it, for RVs and camping. A little house will most likely require around half a cycle every night. That indicates it will only be useful for 1.5-3 years.

The pure sine inverter makes the above generators have an extended lifetime. They can protect themselves against surges that reduce the battery life. Suffice it to say Alaska’s battery-powered portable generator can last for decades. 


Final Thoughts


The Alrska company is working hard to provide a battery-powered portable generator, and with each improvement comes a functioning device you can enjoy, either indoors or outdoors. So, rest assured your phone will not turn off or other gadgets that require electricity with those two fantastic solutions.

Based on the above, Element 300 seem to be what every household and camper needs. Your finest and most versatile solution is nowhere for grabs!

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