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What Should I Look for When Buying a Solar Generator?

by WEI WANG 16 Jun 2022

What Should I Look for When Buying a Solar Generator?


Take a look at just about everything you need to know and the queries you should consider before purchasing a solar-powered generator at home. In recent decades, you've probably heard a lot in regards to solar energy. It's becoming more and more common as a way to charge everything from mobile phones to entire homes. Solar generators are an excellent choice if you wish to switch to renewable energy.


Battery Capacity


Another important consideration is the rechargeable battery's storage capacity, measured in watt-hours. It will tell you how long your tiny appliances such as fridges, fans, and mini-coolers could stay connected or how many times an electrical item can be entirely charged.

Also, it will impact the time it takes to power your solar-powered generator. Built-in solar panels are uncommon in these types of products, so you'll need to buy a solar power source together with the generator if you want an off-the-grid supply of power that's fully separate from the grid and suitable for campsites or RVs. Keep in mind that charging duration will vary depending on the weather.


Solar Generator Sizing


You must ensure that the solar generator unit you purchase, like any other generator, will provide you with the electricity you require. There're a few metrics that will assist you. Keeping these factors in mind will assist you in selecting the best generator for your needs.




You'll require a way to charge your backup generator for it to work. If you want to rely on solar energy, you'll need solar panels. Expandability refers to the ability to add more solar panels to the generator as needed, allowing you to collect more sunshine and generate more energy.


Running Watts


The running watts — also known as rated watts — are the maximum power a generator could continuously produce. Calculate the wattage needs of the gadgets powered by the generator. The requirements of electrical equipment are frequently found on the gadget itself. Ensure the generator's running wattage is higher than this total.


Modes of Charging


Apart from solar panels, a high-quality solar-powered generator must have numerous charging alternatives. The amount of time it takes to charge with solar energy varies depending on weather and the amount of light exposure.

It's possible that charging the generating system isn't quick enough sometimes. As a result, the power station must be in a position to be powered directly from an AC source via power outlets and via the 12V battery, which is ideal for camping trips and RV.


Time to Recharge


The recharge time indicates how long it will take to fully recharge a depleted solar generator cell. Depending on the recharging generator speed and the precise input power from solar panels, the manufacturer's literature should estimate recharge time. Please remember that it's most likely based on the optimum solar power intake that you don't often expect.

Cloud cover will affect charging, and for best results, you'll require direct sunlight, which is why a solar generator that fills for about ten hours with a 200-watt solar panel may take a couple of days to charge up. Consider the power and capacity requirements.

For instance, if you want to use the solar generator to supply power, mobile devices, and a portable TV for several days, ensure the capacity and the rate of charge will provide you with the electricity you require. 

While most models can provide power as you charge, this will lengthen the charging process, and you may end up using more power than your battery could recharge.


Life Cycles


How long do you think the machine will last? One of the solar generators could cost thousands, so how long will this investment pay off? Unfortunately, most lithium-based generators have a 500-cycle life. Five hundred cycles may appear to be a large number, but this should be 2,000.

A cycle involves draining the battery from 100% to 0%, or whatever the minimal drain threshold is, and recharging it to 100%. It's a major concern for individuals who require it for emergency planning or, more so, for RVs and tiny dwellings. A tiny dwelling will likely need about half a cycle per night on the solar system. It means it'll only be good for 1.5-3 years maximum.

For those prepared for an EMP strike, the grid is predicted to be down for nearly two years, most likely ten years before it is restored. It means that the battery must be capable of lasting that long.

You can reach that amount of time after 2,000 cycles. A generator with 2,000 cycles would only last 5.5 years if it were cycled one full cycle every 24 hours. As a result, if the unit were half-drained per 24 hours instead of a full cycle, it would survive 11 years. Also, it's a good idea to expand because adding more batteries will assist share the weight of the cycles.


Inverter Size


It was already noted in the battery capacity segment. Don't rely on figures in a name, title, tag, or else; instead, read about the inverter's capabilities. One thousand five hundred watts is an average size for many solar generators and has proven great.

A 1,500-watt inverter will continually produce 1,500 watts of energy without turning off, entering safety mode, or harming anything. The maximum wattage is almost always twice as high as the continuous wattage. It means a 1,500-watt inverter can reach a maximum output of 3,000 watts. When you switch on a blender, for example, it takes more energy to get started than to continue pushing.

You consume more gas when you accelerate swiftly onto the freeway, much like when you accelerate aggressively in a vehicle. Still, you use considerably less gas when on the freeway.


Take Away


Based on the above criteria, you will identify the best solar generators with the best value for money. Take a look at the full list of solar generators for sale at Alrska. You can also read the full assessment of the leading solar energy businesses for home solar systems on the roof.

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