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The Best Portable Power Station in 2022 from Alrska

by WEI WANG 05 Apr 2022

If a mere imagination could outdo annoyances in our lives, then absolutely there would be no need for some camping time. While imagination won’t suffice, you need that camping excursion.  However, it’s never a good outdoor trip, given that your electricity is limited during the night or you just can’t access it.  It is like traditionally being out on a night without a bonfire. It doesn’t make sense, does it? 

You need a reliable source of power that is not going to betray you in the middle of the night. You need a device that has been rigorously tested and proven to be efficient and safe, and also eco-friendly as well.

Alrska guarantees all of the above. Their portable power stations seem to be what every camper is now craving.  They do not only stay with a charge for long but are also super-efficient and take a shorter duration to get fully charged. 


Why would I recommend Alrska power stations? 


Alrska is committed to making convenient and portable power solutions. One of the reasons that you need their portable power stations is convenience, as you can charge them from your generator, car batteries or even the usual electrical current.  While you can charge the power station with two chargers simultaneously, the multiple ports which it is fitted with also allow you to charge all your devices at one go. 


Our top pick includes:


Alrska Element 300 Portable Power Station


What is most lovable about the Element 300 Portable Power Station is its vast usage scenarios. If you are carving for a small-sized yet highly efficient device with complete function, it is advisable to look this way.  It is perfect for short distance camping and unexpected power blackout zones.  It's not only lightweight but is fitted with a silicone handle that allows for ease of movement. 

Element 300 has a great charging efficiency which can take about two and half hours to be fully charged. It may be charged with a 90w wall charger or a 60w USB-C PD charger. And for more convenience, it can be charged with generators, solar panels or even your car battery. 

Alrska’s Element 300 Portable Power Station uses MPPT technology and an inbuilt MPPT solar power controller. Besides, its energy is cleanly derived by the off-grid solar power generation systems. On the other hand, using the 100W GreenSun Solar Panels will take about 5.5 hours to charge the Element 300 fully. And you can still use it to charge other devices while it is in charging mode. 

Inside the Element 300 power storage compartment, it is fitted with lithium-ion inbuilt batteries. Further, its longevity is boosted by the battery management system and the pure sine wave inverter. 


What are the charging features of Alrska Element 300 Power Station? 


A wall outlet and a USB-C PD within 2H (0-80%) are tucked into the system. There is also a car outlet within  3.7h (0-80 %). Lastly, the solar recharge range is 3.5H (0-80 %)

The output design of Element 300 has updated output functions, including 2*AC output with a peak power of 500w and a 60w PD USB-C. You also get the 12v car charging option which can be optionally used in place of the QC3.0 USB-A or the USB port. 

The AC output will only charge devices that run on less than 300watts. Once the wattage is exceeded, it will automatically shut off. 


Alrska Element 200 Portable Power Station


While you can say little is ever senseless, that is not the case with Alrska Element 200 is a portable power station. Despite being small in size, it has a vast range of usage.  It’s easy to carry around and what you definitely need for camping or to deal with blackouts.  It is fitted with a sturdy handle made from silicone. Combined with the lightweight design, the handle makes portability easy and non-stressful. 

It will take about three hours to get the Element 200 completely charged. Simultaneously, it can also be charged with a 60w USB-CPD charger or a 90-watt wall charge, reducing the recharge time to two hours. In general, you can recharge it using your car battery, solar panel or a generator.  

The updated functionalities comprise a 2*AC output with an average 200w output and a 500 watt on the peak.  It’s still tucked with a 12v car charging port and a 60W PD USB-C plus a QC3.0 USB-A.

Also, Element 200 is made with MPPT technology, and it features an inbuilt MPPT charge controller. It also uses the off-grid solar power generator to provide clean energy.  When hooked on the GreenSun solar panels, it will take about 5.5 hours to charge the power station fully. 

The battery management system and the sine wave inverter guarantee the long life of the power station. It is still a green device since it uses lithium-ion technology in the power storage chambers. 


What is the charging rate of Alrska Element 200?


You wouldn’t want to waste a single dime on a device with a slow charging rate. Alrska’s Element 200 features a wall outlet with a USB- C PD, which can charge up to 80 % within two hours. While both the wall outlet and car outlet take 3.5 hours to get the charge to 80 %, the car outlet takes 3.7 hours. 

This power station uses the same lithium batteries in Tesla cars, a 3.0 quick charge port and a 2pcs 5v USB charger. You can use it to charge any device that is less than 200 watts. Once the wattage is surpassed, it shuts off by itself. Also, you can use it to charge other devices while it's charging.




Okay, ladies and gentlemen, certainly you are not going to use bonfires to power up electronics. You, however, need a device that will get charged quickly, either from a solar panel, car, or even a generator and whose ports allow for simultaneous charging of your devices. And, the Alrska power station guarantees it all.

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