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A Beginner’s Guide to Portable Solar Panels for Camping

by WEI WANG 05 Apr 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Portable Solar Panels for Camping

 Probably you have heard of solar camping. However, if it’s your first time, there are uncertainties. It’s difficult to figure out which system will address your needs. First, determining the right number of panels you need for your camping and how you will set them up is always a puzzle to most campers. 

However, Alrska solar panels for camping promise portability. Besides being lightweight, they are easy to set up. Thus, you get to hunt the sun in every spot that seems abundant.  

Still, there is more to that, needless to say, about their durability, efficiency, and high charge rate, as we will discuss below.  Having solar on your camping trip has its advantages. It is worth it, be it that you are doing RV, van, or even tent camping. 


What are the requirements for portable solar panels used in camping? 


As general knowledge, camping with solar requires a complete system, the batteries station and the panel which harnesses energy from the sun and stores it.  A charge controller will also come in handy if you want your batteries to last and shield them against fluctuations. Finally, you must have an inverter, for current conversion from AC to DC. 

You need o to understand how a solar panel works before going out with it. You might want to consider checking out its benefits as the first step. 

 A solar generator generates power through the panels, charge controller, and inverters, and it stores the energy in the batteries.  The solar generator guarantees sustainable energy and a safe environment. There, with just a snap of the fingers, you get a glimpse of the biosphere of ease.  You get to camp with your fridge and coffee makers. And the campsite remains quiet and peaceful since the panels do not cause noise pollution. 

Which Alrska portable solar panels should I camp with?


Alrska solar panels are real lifesavers. When camping, you need a lightweight device that's more flexible. Still, you need a device that will fill your batteries quickly and the batteries that come with it to be durable. Alrska guarantees it all, as you can see below. 


The Alrska GreenSun 100W Solar Panel


Top of our list, the Alrska GreenSun 100W Solar Panel is made of monocrystalline silicon cells. It’s what you need to recharge your portable batteries and other electrical devices. Besides being portable, it is designed with a foldable kickstand panel and a flexible bracket stand to ensure stability. For ease of movement, it is fitted with rubber but a sturdy handle. The panel can be adjusted to any angle starting from 0 to 180 degrees. 

Moreover, it’s a total guarantee for durability in that it is braced to face harsh weather with a waterproof covering.  Plus, the 2.65 kg panel can still function as a stand if you need to angle it at a better charging angle. 

Alrska GreenSun 100W Solar Panel is an efficient upgrade system, and its panel is within 3.5 hours. Unlike other panels, its linkable functions as a gateway of linking it with parallel cables to provide enough energy to your power station. 

A full package comes with eight multifunctional heads for power conversion, three meters direct extension cable, and a 1.5-meter DC line. Additionally, it comes with two carabiners and a 10A controller, which can charge mobile devices.


Alrska GreenSun 60W Solar Panel


Now that you have been craving that lightweight solution, Alrska decided to get you covered. The  Alrska GreenSun 60W Solar Panel guarantees mobility, and the sun energy from the conversion is easily stored in lithium power stations.  

The 6.6-pound solar can still be folded, and more convenience is guaranteed with the TPE rubber handle. It’s made of Monocrystalline silicon solar cells, which have a conversion efficiency of 23 percent greater than other typical panels, enabling the Elements 200 /3000 power stations to be recharged in 4.5 -6.5 hours. It's ideal for RV campers, off-grid travel excursions, and blackouts that occur unexpectedly.

Alrska Element Compatibility- The charge time for Element 200 and Element 300 with GreenSun 60w is 4.5 and 6.5 hours, respectively. Alrska has one USB-C port and one USB-A port, enabling you to simultaneously power up to two gadgets.


Alrska Solar Generator 300 Solar Charging Panel 100W + Element 300W Power Station


Statistically, I can say the Element 300 Portable Power Station and 100w solar charging panel is what every camper needs for their outdoor car camping activities.  It guarantees clean energy without making the environment noisy.  Energy converted from the sun is taken directly to lithium store stations. 

Alrska Solar Generator 300 Solar Charging Panel 100W and Element 300W Power Station are light when it comes to mobility. You can move with it wherever you want. Happy sun hunting!

You can still use it indoors since it's attributed to emission-free energy and the batteries are just so reliable. There's no gasoline poisoning at all. And if you are wondering about maintenance, the only concern is how you will wipe dust and moisture from it.  Not positive enough? Okay, bear with me.  

Because of its small size and versatility, the Alrska Element 300 is the perfect power source for shorter camping excursions and blackouts. Its 293Wh storage can run small devices and charge up to six smart devices simultaneously.

Additionally, it is manufactured with a Monocrystalline Solar Panel for a greater power transformation rate of up to 25 %, making it suitable for outdoor living and even unforeseen blackouts. The solar cell is lightweight, collapsible, and movable. It weighs 8.8 pounds and is fitted with a handle for convenience. 




Okay, dear campers, that's it. It's without a doubt that the most enticing part of portable panels from Alrska is that besides being light in weight and energy-efficient, they are expandable. You get to store a large charge by equipping it with more batteries. Again, they are foldable; you never have to worry about crashes during transportation. And you can always increase the number of panels depending on your needs. 

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