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Portable Power Station: Unboxing and Review

by WEI WANG 19 Apr 2022

We aim to achieve energy independence in times of uncertainty by avoiding reliance on large utility grids.

Controlling these situations is now achievable because of breakthroughs in battery technology and continual improvements in semiconductors utilized to harness the high-power source.

Since the prototypes, the most incredible portable power stations have made tremendous progress in reducing the need for fuel-powered generators. A good power station has a simple formula: a large battery capacity combined with a high-power inverter.

Add a few USB ports in different formats, a car adaptor, and fast charging options for the batteries. Everything must, of course, be sealed in a strong shell, and the unit must be capable of traveling anywhere when the power goes off.

Portable power stations have become increasingly popular in recent years. With features that keep advancing, the severe competition has pulled prices down. We present the highest-quality power stations currently available.


Alrska Element 300 Portable Power Station


The Element 300 can be used in various situations, has incredible charging efficiency, is tiny, has plenty of features, and is easy to transport. It's ideal for short-distance outdoor activities and power outages, and it can cover all of your power requirements.

Straight out of the box, the Element 300 power station has an impressive design that is easy to carry, with a high-quality, durable handle that's comfortable to grasp. It is light, thus making it highly portable, and the display panel is clear enough for you to read comfortably. 

On the display panel, you can see the progress of your battery; this way, you'll know when it requires recharging. 

This portable power station also features various ports for different uses, such as one USB-A port, USB-C port, 12V vehicle charging, and one USB port, which make it highly versatile and handy when you want to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. 

Moreover, you will find a 60W USB-C charger and a 90W charger in the box, which comes in handy in charging the Element 300 Power station.  


Alrska Element 300 Portable Power Station


Element 300 is a highly portable and functional power station that can be used in different situations, has impressive charging efficiency, is portable, has many features, and is easy to transport. It's the perfect short-distance power station for power outages and outdoor activities like camping. Again, it can cover all of your standard power requirements. 

The Element 200 has a similar design to Element 300, though it does not have the blue shade sported by the Element 300. On the display panel is legible information on how the battery is fairing as well as other essentials. 

What's more, in the box is a 60W USB-C and 90W charger used to charge this portable power station. Its sleek design also includes a comfortable handle that makes it highly portable in tandem with its lightweight construction. 

This portable power station also features various ports for different uses, such as one USB-A port, USB-C port, 12V vehicle charging, and one USB port, which make it highly versatile and handy when you want to charge multiple gadgets at the same time. 


Element 300 vs. Zendure Pro 2000


Zendure, like Alrska, is new in this industry and is attempting to make a name for itself. Considering their high-quality Zendure Pro 2000 unit, their reputation has become quite good. This unit features all the essential features any modern power station should have. It has a reliable battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, a wide array of USB ports, and a versatile inverter that effortlessly supersedes its typical 2kW power. 

The Element 200 also sports a wide range of USB ports and has enough power to charge a 12V vehicle battery. It has a powerful battery and only takes 2 hours to charge fully. Similarly, the Zendure is affordable and has fast-charging capabilities.

All the same, the Zendure Pro 2000 does not have a reliable mobile app. Again, it doesn't have USB-A ports which come in handy in charging older mobile phones.

The Element 200 sports one USB-A port, making it more suitable if you have an older phone. Again, it keeps its charge for longer than the Pro 2000 unit, which drains most of its battery on the sleep current. 


Buying Guide 


When acquiring power banks, this is one factor to consider. If you want one for jumpstarting your car, you should look at the product specifications to see if it has that capability.




Perhaps you have a long list of electronic devices and appliances in mind. If you plan to power many gadgets, you should invest in a power supply that can handle them. It's best to pick one that works with your existing appliances. When buying a power station, you should check whether there are any compatibility concerns.




You should always check the durability of any tools you buy. The battery determines the long-term viability of a power station. The battery should be constructed of long-lasting material, such as lithium-ion.

Second, the device should have a suitable battery management mechanism. This system should guard against overcharging, overvoltage, and overcurrent, the three main dangers that any battery can pose.




It would be absurd to overlook the object's weight even though you require a portable item. The item should ideally be made of lightweight materials and be compact. Furthermore, the handle should be made of a sturdy material that is comfortable to hold.


Output Power


It's worth noting that these power stations come in various power outputs. Some can generate just enough electricity to charge your mobile phone, while others can even begin your automobile.




Alrska brand has worked hard to present you with some of the best portable power devices, and with every upgrade comes a functional product you can appreciate, whether indoors or outdoors. With these two magnificent products, you don't have to worry about your phone switching off or other items that need powering. 

With the buying guide above, Element 200 and 300 check all the boxes for the perfect portable power device. What are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these functional, versatile and magnificent portable power stations!

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