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Benefits of Solar Panels and Why They Are Worth It

by WEI WANG 05 Apr 2022

Solar panels are in prominence now thanks to all the focus on clean energy and the need to arrest the effects of global warming. Also, thanks to its touted cost-saving benefits, people grappling with high energy costs are moving to them as an alternative. While much focus is usually on the traditional solar panels, portable solar panels are a new exciting niche that could be the best option for you. 

As the name suggests, a portable solar panel does everything your normal solar power panels would do but place more emphasis on mobility. They are small-sized equipment but still pack enough power capability depending on your usage. Their power output ranges from as small as 5 watts to 300 watts. Most users, however, tend to work with options that have outputs between 60 watts to 100 watts, upgrading should the need arise. 

So essentially, portable panels give you everything you get from solar panels only in a smaller size. Here is a look at their benefits, some of which are unique to them, and why they are worth it. 


Low Upfront Costs 


The initial cost is the biggest setback and point of hesitance for most people when they think of switching to solar. Buying the panels and installing them is quite expensive, and even if it pays up in the long run, your budget may not support the initial cost. Sure, there are tax breaks and other incentives, and most solar technology has become cheaper. However, that also applies to portable solar panels, and the saving there are higher than for traditional solar panels. 

Also associated with the upfront costs are the installation expenses. You must budget for skilled technicians and other related gear for maximizing the energy produced. With portable solar panels, there is no need for any technical expertise, and they often come as a complete kit. It is easy to set up the panels alone, and there is no extra component to purchase. 


Environmental Benefits


One of the solar panels' biggest selling points is its eco-friendliness compared to fossil fuels like gas and coal. First, there is no air pollution from carbon emissions or harmful pollutants. The switch has a significant impact in reducing harm to the environment. For example, a New York household switching to solar panels equals eliminating over 5,000 pounds of coal that would have been burnt and the resulting emissions. In helping curb the number of greenhouse gases emitted for energy use, solar panels help in the fight to slow down the effects of climate change. 

Further, solar panels allow you to conserve water helping with the ongoing water scarcity. Nuclear energy, hydropower, and even the course of producing some fossil fuels, plenty of water is used or redirected through a dam that impacts the environment. According to studies using solar panels will help reduce water consumption in at least 36 states. 

Another environmental benefit of solar panels is that they prevent reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels. Besides causing pollution, most of the main energy sources are non-renewable, meaning they will eventually run out, so making the switch to solar energy earlier more beneficial. 

Finally, the use of solar energy aids in improving human health. Air and water pollutants are one of the leading causes of numerous illnesses, and healthcare costs can be crippling. Solar panels emit no pollutants at any stage, and their adoption promotes clean air in the environment preventing various illnesses. Portable solar panels extend these environmental benefits further since you can carry them with you in your camping and other outdoor engagements.  




Another significant selling point for solar panels is their portability. They are not limited to one location, making them versatile for use. You can have these small and flexible solar panels for camping, RVs, picnics, or even if you have other residences off the grid.

You can also easily move with your solar panels if you are changing houses. Also, the roof position is not necessarily a hindrance to how you use the solar panels. Any position that gets sufficient sun will be a good place to place them, including indoors. That flexibility is what is lacking in their large roof counterparts. 

Their portability comes from their compact sizes, which means they do not take up much space in your room or your RV when you are on the move. Most come with a foldable feature ensuring you only have a small package and unfold the full panels when in use. Finally, their portability prevents the need to have plenty of wiring around the home. You can locate them close to the utilities you want to charge. 


Easy to Scale Up 


Another benefit of portable folding solar panels is the ease of scaling up as the need arises. Whether you want your system to rely fully on solar or mix it up with grid electricity, there is a perfect solar system for you. After that, you can always add extra panels and link them to the existing setup. For example, the Alrska GreenSun 100W Solar Panel has a linkable function. This feature allows you to link several panels using parallel cables to provide your station's required amount of power. 


Save Energy Costs and Have More Control of Your Power


Another significant benefit of high efficiency solar panels is the reduced expenditure on your energy bills. You do not pay for solar energy, and even in areas with cloud cover, you still get enough percentages to contribute to your home energy needs. Even with their small power output, portable solar panels come with the advantage of higher conversion efficiency.

The Alrska GreenSun 60W Solar Panel, for instance, has 23 % conversion efficiency, higher than other traditional panels. It means your battery gets charged up faster, and even in cloudy situations, your solar panel will make the most of the available sunlight to meet your electrical needs. 

On top of cutting your expenditure on electricity costs, you also get the freedom of having a reliable supply of electricity and predictable bills. An attribute comes in handy during hours when electricity is charged at peak rates, or the grid is down. In the past decade, electricity rates in the US have risen by over 15%, and they continue to rise, meaning you cannot make a proper budget for it. With a solar system setup, you not only have predictable costs, but they are also cheaper.

The US also has the highest number of blackouts among the developed nation, and given the extreme weather circumstances and its aging grid, it can only worsen. With a solar panel, you do not have to worry about any of that inconveniencing you. 

It is evident portable solar panels are worth it. They have considerable benefits, including energy-saving and being eco-friendly. On top of that, they are affordable with budget-friendly upfront costs and no maintenance bills. 

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