Alrska GreenSun 60W Portable Solar Panel Alrska
Alrska GreenSun 60W Portable Solar Panel Alrska
Alrska GreenSun 60W Portable Solar Panel Alrska
Alrska GreenSun 60W Portable Solar Panel Alrska

Alrska GreenSun 60W tragbares Solarpanel

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Various interfaces

Equipped with various types of ports to meet your charging needs for different devices.

Convenient fixing

There is a bracket on the back of the panel that simply opens to hold the panel in place.

Lightweight and easy to hold

When not in use, simply fold the panel. Easy to pick up and take away.


Once fully charged, a portable solar panel with a capacity of 10,000 mAh may last 2-3 days. Keep in mind that if one charges the device often, it reduces the discharge hours. The solar power bank recharge is dependent on several factors, including location, sunlight exposure, charging capacity, and time of day. You can theoretically store the solar energy mechanically as long as you maintain the potential energy. In all energy transfers, power is lost, and leaks happen every time during storage and release in the case of mechanical storage. It also happens to batteries. A standard solar panel battery can typically hold a charge when full for 1-5 days. Solar panels can come in handy and offera bunch of benefits when you're off the grid and far from the main source of power for an extended period. Using the sun as a source of energy to power your electronic devices is an eco-friendly approach to do so if you're cycling, camping, or hiking.

If you have never used solar panels before, you might be apprehensive about them. There is no need for you to worry. For the better part, they are pretty straightforward. You have to find a place to set them up then open them up. Solar panels from Alrska come with a stand that you can use to prop them up when facing the sun. Once you do so, they come with a small generatorthat you can charge up and use once it is full. If you want to charge your phone, our solar panels feature with a charging port and connect your cable to it. The only thing you need to remember is to not put too many devices on the solar panel when charging your generator. It will slow down the charging places. Putting one device at a time ensures everything gets recharged fast enough.

Cleaning your solar panel is so easy and something you need to do regularly. The only thing that many people struggle with is figuring out how to keep the panel clean. The good thing with solar panels is they get clean very fast. All you have to do is get soap and water, and you are good to go. Just ensure you clean out the soap well enough because it might leave a film behind that will affect how your panels work.

Do not use any abrasion on them when cleaning as that usually messes up with the panels themselves and will affect how energy gets absorbed by the panels. Once you clean it, ensure it dries properly, and there are no teardrops in the panels. It will make the panel absorbs energy better. On the other days, all you can do is wipe them down. It helps get rid of dirt and debris.