Über Alrska


It is not enough to simply rely on your imagination to get rid of the annoyance from busy daily life. You have to relax yourself by embracing the nature. Outdoor activities give you a free and relaxed mood to spend your holidays. If you get away from the civilized society, you have to create everything by yourself. Of course, the whole participation process is also the merits of outdoor activities


Due to technology limits, the use of electricity at night during traditional outdoor activities was once the most difficult problem to solve. With the development of technology and economy, the invention of outdoor power station has gradually solved the above problem. People used to say that outdoor activities without a bonfire make no sense. Thus with outdoors power supply, activities are more popular and convenient. Alrska outdoor Portable power station is here to provide you all with its steady stream of electricity in outdoor adventurespurus...


Just step out of the fast-paced urban life, get away from the hustle and bustle in big cities and feel the new travel experience of outdoor camping with all your heart. One Alrska 300 can provide camping light, supply electricity for mobile phone and digital devices, electric kettle, rice cooker and so on during long-distance driving or outdoor camping, which will improve the quality of outdoor life.purus...